Travel Tips Western Travels


  • Check the passport and visa requirements for the countries you are visiting / transiting through- make sure you apply for visas well in advance of your date of travel.
  • Check that your visa and passports are not expired or out of date.
  • On the travel day, do not forget to bring your visa and passport with you.
  • While traveling, if you misplace your passport or visa then without delay speak to the respective embassy and consulate.


  • Put a strap around your luggage for easy handling and for security.
  • In your traveling country, if you misplace your passport and visa the consult with your embassy immediately.
  • Never carry luggage or parcel on behalf of someone else no matter how genuine or trustworthy they might be.
  • Don’t ever try to be away from the luggage unattended at airports because that creates a high level of security risk.


  • Check every detail and accuracy of the tickets of flights as soon as you receive them. If there is any issues with spellings of your name or age, please contact the sales advisor at first instant.
  • Don’t forget to bring your tickets along with passport and visa on the travel date.


  • To avoid being late or rushing for your flights, pack your bag or luggage a night before.
  • To avoid unnecessary luggage, check the weather forecasting before leaving the home for traveling.
  • Pro-tip; roll the clothes instead on folding them is get less place along with fewer creases.


  • To get plenty of time for arriving at the airport, plan your journey with respective journey planners or time tables of public transport.
  • In case of saving your time, book a car primarily or get someone to give you a lift. • To be on time at airport, use pre-booked or metered taxis.


  • If your flight arrives at an odd hour, ensure that you have enough foreign currency for an instant arrival at another country.
  • In case of getting lost make sure to list down the credit card and debit card numbers along with any traveler’s cheques.


  • Check the inoculation and health requirements for all the countries you are visiting on your journey. Please be aware some vaccinations need to be administered 4-6 weeks before travel.
  • If you are carrying medicines or medications with you please keep a note of your condition and the medication you require somewhere handy e.g. a piece of paper inside the cover of your passport, where it can be easily found in an emergency.
  • Ensure you take extra supplies of medication in case you get delayed abroad.


  • To avoid dehydration on an airplane, drink plenty of water.
  • Use in flight entertainment and magazines to keep your mind fresh.
  • To fell fresh and hydrated, moisturize your skin on an aircraft.
  • To be healthy and comfortable, eat light meals that are easy to digest. Avoid unnecessary fats and carbohydrates.